G’day Kerry;

                I want you to know how grateful I am for all the help that you gave to Jason and me.Things are going along fairly well at the moment although I won’t be completely worry free until things have been going well for a year.Jason has been getting a bit of work for his business and hopefully a job with a friend in Brisbane will eventuate for him.He is doing well staying off the hard drugs but still has a smoke sometimes.I think that i would be able to tell by his behaviour if he had a relapse.

                Me,i’ve put in a rainwater tank and am in the throes of painting the outside of the house.And I started training regularly a couple of weeks ago.To give you an idea how significant that is,all the things that went wrong with my life that I told about at the meetings never stopped me from practicing Karate but this last one did and at one point I did not think I would ever start again.

                You do a great service Kerry,

                                        Sincere thanks;Mal.


Facing Life's Challenges Together